4Ways is the UK's fastest growing tele-diagnostics provider.

It has built a robust and scalable technology-led platform, through which its network of experienced radiologists assist both public and private healthcare providers with reporting on diagnostic images. Volumes of medical images are increasing rapidly in line with general demand for healthcare services and also as the use of imaging within diagnostic/care pathways increases. Synova invested in 4Ways alongside the management team in order to support the future growth of the business.


4Ways has established itself as a leading provider of tele-diagnostics services to both public and private healthcare providers. 4Ways had invested in the latest technology to enable its services to be delivered in a highly cost effective way, whilst maintaining its strong reputation for customer service and quality of reporting. The Business was ideally placed to help with the unprecedented challenges the UK healthcare system faces as it attempts to cope with the combined pressure of unrelenting increases in demand and sever constraints on funding.


  • 100%2-year earnings CAGR
  • 4xEBITDA growth
  • 6xCost multiple on exit

CEO – 4Ways Healthcare
“Working with Synova over the last few years has been a real pleasure; they have been true partners to me and the business.  Synova’s collegiate approach, experience and continuous support for investing in our people and our technology has helped us to deliver on 4Ways’ strong potential and position it well for the next exciting stage of its development.”


Synova’s investment will support the incumbent management team to grow the Company organically, through expanding its existing customer base and increasing reporting volumes. The Company also plans to explore international opportunities and target complementary bolt-on acquisitions.


Synova instituted financial and trade buyer engagment programmes during our period of ownership; we prepared the business for sale but ultimately exited 4Ways to ECI Partners for 6.0x cost, following a pre-emptive approach prior to the launching of a full sale process.