Mandata is a fast growing provider of SaaS solutions to the UK haulage sector.

Mandata’s suite of solutions allows customers to manage their data and resources more efficiently, reducing emissions and fuel consumption, and providing end-customers with increased visibility over the movement of their goods. The core products are a fully integrated traffic management and telematics system which together provide an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning solution.


Founded in 1974 Mandata has developed the UK’s leading transport management system for independent haulage and logistics operators.  The exit of one of the founders and and the requirement for a new strategic direction gave Synova the opportunity to acquire the business and introduce a new CEO, Mark Norcliffe.  We have subsequently focused on professionalising the business and taking advantage of Mandata’s market leading position.


  • 40+Years in business
  • 73%Earnings growth
  • 8xCost multiple on exit
  • Sector:
  • Investment date:
    July 2013
  • Exit date:
    May 2018

CEO – Mandata
“It was a pleasure working in partnership with Synova. Their support, experience and encouragement has allowed Mandata, and most importantly its people, to flourish and for all stakeholders to start delivering on the business’s potential. From identifying the opportunity, building the strategy together and empowering the staff we have built a business of real quality that is well set to continue its development.”


Demand for Mandata’s solutions is driven by a continual focus by customers on reducing costs whilst maintaining an efficient supply chain and delivering high service levels. Capturing this increasing demand whilst investing in the continued development and support of Mandata’s solutions is the core driver of the company’s growth strategy.


Synova instituted financial and trade buyer engagment programmes during our period of ownership; we successfully exited Mandata to Lloyds Development Capital (LDC) following a targeted and highly competitive auction process during April 2018 returning 8.0x cost.