Mintec is the most comprehensive provider of global pricing data and intelligence for non-traded food commodities.

Mintec is the world’s most comprehensive provider of global pricing data and intelligence for non-traded food commodities.

Mintec Online, its cloud-based SaaS platform, aggregates over 10,000 data sources on raw commodity prices. As the most reputable and long-standing provider in the market, Mintec data is a vital reference point for pricing negotiation and budget preparation for over 400 customers. Mintec Enterprise provides an extensive analytics and intelligence toolset around this core data offering, helping customers to plan, budget and negotiate more effectively.

Its customer base includes Unilever, Pepsi, Mars, Tesco, Albertsons, Walmart and Carrefour. In all, its customers include 18 of the 20 largest global retailers and 12 of the 20 largest global manufacturers.


  • 18Global Top 20 food retail customers
  • 10,000Data series aggregated
  • 1,000,000Annual data points

CEO – Mintec
“Synova’s investment is a critical step in our evolution, bringing us a supportive investor who will help us to accelerate our growth plans and realise our strategic ambitions. Mintec’s pace of growth and change meant that finding a like-minded and dynamic partner to constantly challenge us and act as a sounding board was crucial.”


Increasing demand for data is driven by growing recognition of the return on investment it delivers, and from commercial imperatives to improve efficiency. As the leading provider in the market, Mintec is well positioned to benefit from these trends, and is building on its market position through investment in Mintec Enterprise, delivering new tools to the marketplace and becoming further embedded with its customers.


Whilst continuing to build on its core data offering, management are focused on delivering further value-added functionality to Mintec customers by developing the suite of intelligence and analytics offered, including through investment in the development of AI-driven insight and analytics capabilities.