MK Test provides software and systems used in testing aircraft.

The increasing use of electronic systems in aviation sector, and the order backlog in commercial aircraft, is leading to accelerating production schedules demanding automated testing solution for efficiency and safety. MK Test also supports the electrical testing of specialist vehicle manufacturers including rolling stock for the global rail industry as well as developing new products for the increasingly stringent testing of subsea oil & gas installations.

Synova Capital has invested alongside the management team of Mike Threlfall and Jason Evans to support the business in achieving its significant growth potential. Paul Carter (formerly a Vice President at Rolls Royce and CEO of Premium Aircraft Interior Group) and Mark Champion have also joined the Board of Directors.


  • 34International markets
  • 80kAirbus A400M test points
  • 320Miles of cable in Airbus A380
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  • Investment date:
    August 2014
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MK Test
“With Synova’s expertise in supporting growth businesses we can really take advantage of these opportunities and continue to build MK Test as a world leader”


The Business was established by founder Mike Threlfall in Somerset in 1992 and has built a reputation for market leading innovation, and developing long standing relationships with some of the largest global manufacturers. Having achieved this success the Business was at risk of plateauing due to resource constraints and not capitalising on the opportunities it had created. A combination of de-risking the Founder’s personal position and introducing additional senior resource led to Synova acquiring a majority shareholding in the Business alongside Mike Threlfall and Jason Evans. Threlfall remains a significant shareholder and as such continues to benefit from the growth of MK Test and opportunity he has created.


The key drivers within MK Test’s growth plan are to invest in the infrastructure and management team to enable the Business to better service its existing customers as well as to position it for growth into complimentary markets. MK Test has a plethora of opportunities but has not previously had the resources to address them. Synova will be supporting the future development of the Business with the introduction of additional team members, strategic advice and further funds to capitalise on the opportunities for growth.