Preventx is the UK’s leading provider of online-led sexual health testing and diagnostic services and the only company with a fully integrated laboratory model.

Preventx was founded in 2008 by Neil Cooper and Tim Alston. Neil and Tim saw the opportunity to deliver both tangible cost savings to Local Authorities and an improved end user experience by shifting sexual health testing out of the traditional clinic setting. Since then, the business has grown rapidly, driven by the recognition by health commissioners that online-led self-sample testing is a cost-effective way to deal with rising patient demand.

In 2017, Preventx won a significant pan-London contract, which covers 28 boroughs. This represented a step-change in the market visibility of the Business and further cemented its position as the leading sexual health diagnostics provider in the country.

Preventx has integrated state of the art laboratory facilities in Sheffield with a proprietary software platform that services the end user, commissioners and clinicians, as well as managing laboratory workflow and reporting. This integrated offering is unique, and is central to market-leading end user and commissioner feedback and a highly efficient workflow.


  • 60+No. of Local Authority partnerships
  • 1mTests performed each year
  • 48No. of hours for test turnaround

Co-Founders of Preventx – Neil Cooper and Tim Alston
“For this investment our primary aim was to bring in a partner that could really help us to scale up the Business in order to achieve its full potential. Synova’s excellent track record of investing in and supporting businesses with similar characteristics, plus the trust and shared strategic vision we have built up over the past 5 years since first meeting Synova, means we are highly confident that this new partnership will be a great success. With Synova on board we now have greater resources to strengthen our existing offering and also to explore new avenues for expansion.”

Investment Case

There has been rapid uptake of online-led, self-sample diagnostic services by the public sector. This segment of the market has grown rapidly and is expected to double in size by 2025. The shift to online-led testing has been driven by end user demand for more convenient, discreet, accessible services and the recognition by public health commissioners that online-led testing is a cost-effective way to deal with rising patient demand. Preventx offers a superior end user experience at a lower cost to Local Authorities when compared to traditional delivery models.

Growth Strategy

Synova will support Preventx to (i) develop its product offering and expand Business Development capability in order to expand its core market share in the UK; (ii) identify and deliver new public health screening opportunities that leverage its unique integrated testing platform; (iii) expand its private-pay testing service and (iv) explore opportunities to internationalise the business.