Avantra is a global leader in Applications Monitoring Software for SAP enterprise customers.

Avantra is a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software focused on SAP enterprise customers.

Avantra core software automates daily operations monitoring and management processes, reducing costs and supplying critical analytics to corporate customers. The market opportunity is expanding rapidly as IT infrastructure grows ever more complex and mission critical to the daily operations of businesses and helps customers to address these challenges robustly and efficiently.

Avantra’s customers are predominantly blue-chip’s such as IBM, Fujitsu, BMW and Deloitte. Avantra is used directly by corporate customers in the management of their own systems as well as by multinational and regional IT service providers to underpin their offering to clients. Synova has invested in order to support the management team to deliver an accelerated international growth plan.


  • 50Customers
  • 350kSAP global installed base
  • 17%APM market growth CAGR
  • Sector:
  • Investment Date:
    September 2017
  • Website:

John Appleby
CEO – Avantra
“We are extremely excited for the next phase of growth at Avantra.  We chose to partner with Synova due to their track record of investing in the technology sector and their experience helping companies to build the capabilities required to scale rapidly and expand into international markets.”


Avantra provides a market leading product addressing a critical business need with an out of the box implementation process. Demand is driven by the fact that businesses are ever more reliant on increasingly complex IT infrastructure. It helps customers to efficiently address the challenges that this presents.


Synova is supporting the management team as they grow the Business through a more active sales strategy with a particular focus on international expansion. The core Avantra product will benefit from further investment to expand its functionality and continue to enhance its competitive position.