We pride ourselves on being team players. At Synova we invest, advise and work together with owners and managers in order to unlock a company's full potential.

We look for companies with a strong competitive position, positive earnings, stable cash flows and the potential for significant earnings growth driven by robust organic growth or combined with the execution of strategic acquisitions.

With £750m of funds under management, we partner with talented managers in high-growth companies, typically investing between £15m and £50m; injecting capital, advice and enthusiasm to guide them through a sustained period of rapid growth.


Technology continues to disrupt established sectors with the growth of the cloud and the proliferation of devices fundamentally changing the way companies function. With the increasing importance of data, connectivity, and efficiency driving demand from both consumers and businesses, innovative companies have the opportunity to deliver rapid growth.

Growing trends towards outsourcing make this a dynamic sector. Typically, companies have robust business models, supported by long term contracts and often benefit from high levels of recurring revenue, low capital expenditure requirements and strong cash generation.

The Government is increasingly seeking to partner with private sector providers to deliver superior choice and quality. We expect this trend to continue as the squeeze on public sector budgets intensify and the challenge to maintain standards whilst cutting costs becomes ever more challenging.

Widespread change across the financial services sector has paved the way for new and innovative business models to develop. Against a backdrop of tighter regulation and technological advances significant opportunities exist for niche service providers to grow rapidly.